Friday, 2 May 2008

Jenny Mary Jack

On Sunday Jeanie and I went to Sig's house to pick out my goats. I had decided on three instead of two -- two does and a wether.

Since there were 7 doelings and 6 bucklings to choose from, this was no easy task, especially for a newbie. I settled on doelings from two of the best does, and a cute little buckling. At birth they were named Jenny, Mary and Jack. I could easily have chosen any of them, as they were all alert, playful, healthy animals.

Goats are beautiful creatures to begin with and the kids are unbelievable. The picture is of me holding Mary; Mary is the one with her feet in the air.

I read somewhere that some breeders like to name their kids after the year codes as follows

A=1991 K=2000 V=2009
B=1992 L=2001 W=2010
C=1993 M=2002 X=2011
D=1994 N=2003 Y=2012
E=1995 P=2004 A=2013
F=1996 R=2005 B=2014
G=1997 S=2006 C=2015
H=1998 T=2007 D=2016
J=1999 U=2008 E=2017

and so on. I, O, and Q are not used. So we got to thinking maybe Ursula, Eunice, and Ulysses are good names. We'll see what suits them.


Sarah said...

I name my goat kids with the same first letter as their mama's name. Patty's daughters are Penny (1st litter), Polka Dot, Peri, and Pixie (2nd litter); Tiny's first daughter was Tigerlily and *her* first daughters (Tiny's grandkids) were Tulip & Thyme.

I started with 4 doe goats in 2005 and now I have over 45 goats - and that's after selling all the buck kids from every year! If you keep hanging on to the daughters, your herd will grow pretty quick too ;-)

Good luck with 'em!

-goat/dairy cow/crop farmer in NYS

Goat-ama said...

Wow, Sarah! You must be hadr-pressed at some point to continue the streak. I would be anyway...

I have abandoned the naming scheme for just old fashioned give-em-a-name-what-suits-em method. I can see though that if you have 45 goats dome kind of convention would be handy.

It is easy to grow the herd, isn't it? And in my experience so far, no birthing issues.

It is easy to grow the herd, isn't it? Are you planning to fill out the alphabet? That would be a LOT oif does and WHOLE LOT of kidding!