Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Goat housing

I have about 5 acres of land, including a fenced pasture where a previous owner once kept sheep. Right now it's just a place for our golden retriever to run through the weeds.

When we moved in (July 2007) the weeds were already chest high, so I decided not to try to cut them down. As I write this it is November 6 and the vegetation is dying down. In the Spring, I will keep the weeds cut and hopefully the goats will do the rest.

Beside the pasture is a small stable. The building is not that well made but with some sprucing up it will do. It does have two nice horse stalls made wih rough sawn lumber, and a small animal pen between them. I am cleaning out the old bedding, and this will be the goat house. I will get some pictures of this work in progress online soon.

I am thinking to put two lines of electric fence around the goats' pasture and buy a solar powered fence energizer. The solar cell trickle charges a gell cell that energizes the fence. This way I don't have to run power from the house out to the pasture, or worry about escapees during a power failure.

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