Friday, 9 November 2007

The vision

As I write this, it is November 9 2007 and the kids will not be born until the Spring, and I walk often in the pasture where my kids will play.
I have an idea for a sort of jungle gymn for the kids -- a couple of wooden platforms at different levels, a heap of stone, and a long cedar post set horizontally. I got the idea for the post from a picture I saw on the Internet of someone's goats having fun on a fallen log. As it happens I have the cedar post and lots of lumber already.

I am making good progress on cleaning up my stable, hereafter known as the Goat Barn. I think I an focus on one of the horse stalls and get that in stellar shape. I don't see why I couldn't house two young goats in a stall meant for a stallion horse.

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